Seriously, it was caramel, wasn't it?

The first night in Singapore city and at the Star Performing Arts Centre, hopping on and off buses and uber-rides made us feel like serious tourists on a high-geared sight-seeing mission. By the time we finally dozed off, it was almost after three. Yeaay, almost reached the record we had set in Lang Tengah Island a couple years back.

The second day promised us nothing less. With hungry tummies and caffeine deprived pulses we headed to Penang Road in the Orchard district to Devils next recommendation, a nice boutique cafe. On the way, we received a text message from Muthu, an old friend who is also working in Singapore now. He couldn’t make it for breakfast due to a personal matter. We were disappointed, the three of us were office colleagues many moons ago, but the dentist is not someone a little girl, Muthu’s daughter, would want to visit she had a choice.

Cafe's Signature Kopi
At the cafe, after a brief parking-lot syndrome and a five-minute intense discussion, we agreed to be seated in-doors. Devil was not too pleased, but I got the guest-privilege to decide this round.

This place, which i choose not to name, is well respected for its food and for its signature coffee. Or its Kopi rather. It is a smooth, silky textured espresso with creamer. The flavour has a hint of caramel or fruit, perhaps even a honey extract. I asked the store manager about this, her reply was not convincing. Nothing is added besides the espresso, she said. So I decided to go with my taste buds observation. If you are into flat-white styled coffee, this is something worth trying mainly for its twist. The price - upper middle range. Its customers were mainly from the Singapore expat group, with a few visitors like Devil and me & a couple of locals. The ambience and the presentation were perfect, its location hidden but not too difficult to find within the city, making it ideal for a cosy cup of coffee. I learnt there are a couple more of its branches across the island.

Devil spent a good amount of time to organize this fun-packed 24 hour trip for me. Being the perfectionist and the warm person she is, I suggested she takes up coach-surfing. She raised an eye-brow giving me the I’ll-think-about-it look. I see a good freelancer in the making.

Our parting coffee at Novena Square was a simple old-timer on the block, the Americano, not so local, but it served its purpose. If Americano is calling, there is hope for Delphi. Sweet, that was a nice weekend!
One for the road.

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