Beyond borders - 2019. 💗💙💚💛💗

2018 turned out a little different than I had anticipated. First, I went from one cup of coffee to two and on some days even more.  So that explains the additional coffee picture postings. 

In 2018, we explored a couple new places, time-traveled extensively in our neighbouring country and went on virtual-walks with two friends to explore different seasons and colours.  Each post in ReachingDelphi is unique and packed with lessons gained from the regions. Here is a recap of them and some coffee.

There is a tag for everything in life. We are each different and so is this tag. But the people we are with and  meet along the way make a difference and help lighten the situations.   I came across a quote from Richard Glover this year that had stuck with me since. ‘I'd met bad in the world, and I'd met good, and the good had a louder voice’. Some of the people I met (from all channels of communication) or with me in this journey called 'life' are reminders of the good.  It is an honour for me to bring them closer to you, over a favourite cuppa. And you will see more of them in 2019. 💗

I wish and pray that 2019 continues to bring us more positive-hours that will allow our effort to reach more distance, be it in any discipline. Life is an endless journey of learning and exploring. Let us be always curious to learn something new every single day. 

Thank you all for your support in all ways and kind words over the year.  I wish you all a great and safe 2019. 💓

To kick off the new year,  here is my first 2019 resolution - to set my cuppa to back to one.