A Day At The Illusion 3D Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur

Our very own 3D Art Museum in Asia

I have always been fascinated by the vibrant colours of 3D street art. Having seen it pop up in my social media feed, I often wondered how it would feel to be face-to-face with one of these large images. Would the actual wall paintings leave me as astonished as the images I had seen online? Or would I need to upgrade my lenses to equal the surreal effects? I recently visited the Illusion 3D Art Museum to find out.

A day at 3D Art Museum.

The 3D Art Museum is located at the Central Market (Pasar Seni) complex in Kuala Lumpur. I must admit, I wasn’t aware there was such an entertaining gallery anywhere in the city. My three friends and I stumbled upon this place during a recent outing.

Illusion 3D Art Museum is located on the second floor of the Central Market Annexe. The gallery brings its one and a half floors of gigantic, vibrant paintings to life. Wait, that’s not all. We also got to see augmented-reality scenes of space and ocean; these are video shows. We had a lot of fun that morning as we rolled and tossed on the floor, trying to catch a few flying dragons, dinosaurs, and the clever seals.

3D Art Museum, Pasar Seni.

The museum is a great place to have fun and explore creative boundaries. My friends proved themselves naturals at it—they knew just what to do at each corner and each wall as they got into character. Déjà vu for them, I’d say.

The 3D paintings can transport you into different worlds within split seconds. That’s the effect of a good the 3D artwork! Do you remember the 2008 film The Jumper? This is very similar, and we felt the Jumper effects at this local museum too. The girls giggled non-stop as they travelled the walls, performing ‘Let it Be’ with the Beatles, resolving the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith, and trying to get some conversation time with Barack Obama. If we had no time restrictions, I am pretty sure my companions would have found themselves here, camping on Mars.

Head spinning shot!

According to the museum’s website, you can see thirty-eight bigger-than-life hand-printed masterpieces here, each of them painted by talented artists. The names of the artists, unfortunately, were not available, but they are very gifted in bringing these images to our attention.

Take me back to Earth.

Where Is Illusion 3D Art Museum?

The museum is located at Central Market Annexe in Kuala Lumpur. For more information on the museum, visit their homepage. 

3D Art Museum, Pasar Seni

Entrance Charges.

The entrance fee, in my opinion, may be a stretch for those travelling on a tight budget. Students, senior citizens, and government staff are entitled to reduced entrance fees.

Do check out the museum’s website for the latest rates and opening times. Visitors usually spend approximately one hour at the museum.

How Do You Get to Illusion 3D Art Museum?

If you are new to the city and are exploring the city by foot, the best way to get here is to follow the walkway I suggested in a previous blog post titled ‘Traffic Signals’. 

What do You Do After Visiting the Illusion 3D Art Museum?

  • How about a cup of coffee to relax? Go on, grab some coffee, put up your feet, and scan through those amusing photos you just took at the museum. You will notice a couple of decent restaurants within the Central Market complex.

Find a cafe for coffee.

  • Our coffee suggestion for the day is a local one from Chinatown, just a few hundred metres from Central Market complex. The one I had today was a very strong local coffee. 

  • Did you have so much fun that your feet hurt now? Try a fish spa to relax those aching toes and heels.

Those fishes look fierce.

  • Visit the different stalls at Central Market. Get a souvenir or two for your friends back home.

I want them all!

Suggestions for First-Timers to the Museum.

  • If your travel group is large, do book ahead to avoid long waits. You’ll want to go right in and start snapping your favourite moments here.
  • Visit the gallery on a weekday, when it’s not too crowded. You will avoid photobombers and appearing in someone else’s photo.
  • There are no toilet or restaurant facilities inside the museum, so do the needful before you enter. Remember, your entry is time-bound, so you won’t be able to stay here all day.
  • Wear easy walking shoes for pain-free fun.

  • Leave your bags at the entrance counter. You don’t want to be seen fighting Gollum with bags, do you?
  • Relax, laugh, and have fun.

Happy memories at 3D Art Museum

We left Central Market with loads of photos and happy memories. More importantly, we had a fun day out in the city, reaching for the innumerable stars in the Galaxy Room with Reaching Delphi.

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