Beyond Borders and New Boundaries. Welcome, 2020!

I wish everyone all the happiness, good health and positive wishes as we enter the new decade. Happy New Year! Welcome, 2020! 

The words cannot express everything that the last decade had been. Just as many, I too, am overwhelmed by the emotions and events - both good and bad and the in-betweens. Everything happens for a reason and thank you!

Here is the compilation from my 2019-beyond-borders coffee project. The aim was to get images of a daily caffeine fix, from you at different locations in the world. You'd notice a few tea and mocha pictures included, no hard rules! This year's compilation is one from you!  Did you spot your favourite cuppa? 

ReachingDelphi 2020!

Counting Stars, Reaching Delphi. Keep travelling to where ever you want to be - physically, spiritually and emotionally. Welcome the new boundaries, who knows one of those could be an opportunity you'd been waiting for. See you again soon. 

Love them all! 


  1. Saw mine!!! 😍😍😍😍
    Nice compilation Uma!

  2. Ooi Bee Luan1/01/2020

    Nice, I missed Tibet ☕

  3. Ooi Bee Luan1/01/2020

    Nice, I missed Tibet ☕

    1. Thank you! Tibet's beauty is so mesmerizing and, coffee shots from there is so inviting. I am glad its captured here for us.

  4. Happy new year Uma

  5. Happy New Year Babak. More & more Munich and other places this year!