Tips for Trekking – Push Yourself to the Max!

Tips for Trekking – Push Yourself to the Max!

A short exchange with a friend about his backpacking trips along the Manistee River in Michigan and to Quandary Peak in Colorado prompted me to look for my long-lost hiking shoes. Hidden in a dark corner, I found my dusty pair still usable. Next was a seasonal call to my friend Fauziah, a regular trekker who by now was used to my I-want-to-join-but-will-ultimately-not-show-up calls. My bad, Fauziah. 

Here’s the catch. My last trekking trip happened a while ago. Fours years ago, to be precise. I explored what I termed the “deep, black forest".  Images of Little Red Riding Hood seeped into my thoughts as I looked out for wild beasts. Fortunately, there was no need to fear the Big Bad Wolf when you are accompanied by three friends in dark shades and hoodies. 👇👇👇
reaching dephi

Today, four years later, I explored a bit of the local neighbourhood greenery with Fauziah and her friend Anis. 
Since I had not stressed my quadriceps and knees for climbing hills in ages,  I begged Monday to have mercy on me. So, if you are new to trekking or a bit rusty like me, here are a few handy reminders for your inaugural trip. First, grab some coffee, and look - that's us here 👇👇👇.
reaching dephi

Tips for Trek and Trail.

  • Get real and know your limits
If you feel faint, or experience lack of oxygen or feel a cramp while climbing, pause for a bit.  Don’t be shy to seek help from other trekkers close by. 

If you are a first-timer, you may want to explore several warm-up trails before you aim for one as high as the Everest. 
At the same time, push yourself one step at the time to the max. Only you have the power to do anything you set your mind to. Remember, the views are often breath-taking!
reaching dephi

  • Rest when you need it

Your body knows the best. Rest when you need to, and drink plenty of water. Listen to your body, no one else can hear it. 
A cup of coffee at this point would certainly be fitting, wouldn't you agree?

 reaching dephi


  • Be on time. 

Time spent waiting is time wasted. There is so much life to explore in nature, so don’t hold your fellow trekkers up from experiencing it.

We hiked up this mini hill  👇 a bit too early. Lets just say we were lucky that morning (we didn't get locked-up). 

  • Have a light but good meal (and some coffee). 

Roti goyang, or eggs on toast, is a perfect start to a trekking day.  And some coffee, naturally.
reaching dephi

  • Not everything is edible

Even if you find something that looks tasty on the trail, don’t put it into your pasta dish.
reaching dephi

  • Wear a pair of good, comfortable shoes

Good climbing shoes need not be expensive, but they should have anti-slip/anti-skid threads. I also found having short toenails makes a mountainous descent less painful.
reaching dephi

  • Bring a cap

It usually gets hot (sometimes cold) as you climb, so it’s always handy to have a sun hat or cap  (or a jacket) with you. Here is a handy packing checklist.
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  • Stop the spread of coronavirus

Wear your face mask and practice social distancing while you have fun!

  • Respect nature

We only have one Earth. Respect and protect her for us and future generations. Here are other ways you can be a conscientious traveller.

reaching dephi, trek, trail

  • Protect the streams and rivers

Avoid being a litterbug and protect the streams. 

Do take note that you may not be able to take a dip in all the rivers/streams. 
reaching dephi, trek, trail

  • Watch your step

You never know when a crocodile is around the corner. Did I tell you that I fell into the river during one of my trips? Well, I did and so did my camera. Clumsy me. After that incident, I took up swimming classes. Well, this was probably one of the last few shots from that camera. (Bonus Tip: Hold on tight to your camera and phone [and selfie sticks] when you take photos.)  


  • Knock to see who is at home

It looks like Red Riding Hood left a few years earlier, don’t you agree? You cannot stay here either.
reaching dephi, trek, trail

  • Not all open doors welcome visitors

The tenant occupying this space may not be pleased. Think twice about putting your hands or face into something like this.
reaching dephi

  • Use a map. 

Stairways to nowhere … 

Now, now, don’t panic. Your map can tell you where the path leads. If you don’t have a physical map, snap a photo of the trail path at the trailhead. If that's not available either then the next best option would be to hire an experienced guide. 

reaching dephi, trek, trail

I am rewinding a couple of years to the past to this picture below. Over here, we were in the good hands of a professional guide at the Mount Kinabalu National Park. We made it through the dark rainforest, to the peak and back safely. Hola!
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Every time I push myself on one of these trips, I am reminded of my dear friend Malcolm, who encouraged my friends and me to keep climbing. “The peak is just around the corner,” he’d say, and told us so for hours! Here’s one from Snowdonia National Park, Wales with him. Definitely a keeper.

You'd notice that the reminders here are not all from the regular trekker's guide. You can get those from many other websites and blogs. What are your favourite reminders?
I survived Monday and every other day. I am here today. And so are you. Have faith in your abilities, push yourself to the max, and reach for the highest star as we embark great life journeys. Remember that struggles are temporary, but the sweet smell of achievement lasts forever. Counting Stars, Reaching Delphi.
reaching dephi , Trail, Trek

* The pictures posted in this article were from six different trips, spanning across many few years. 
** Inspiration quotes on Earth have been imprinted onto my original images.