Watch Out! Watch Those Prying Eyes

Watch Out! Watch Those Prying Eyes… from the Watchout Travel Series

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you

Do you remember this song? “Every Breath You Take” was the Police's Grammy Award–winning song from the eighties. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. How would you feel if a stranger was watching and following every move you make, just as Sting mentions?

coffee, travel alert
Watch over your coffee & other belongings

Doc and I were at Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre in Paris when we noticed someone following us, and the scene I am about to tell you was exactly like the lyrics of this song.

reachingdelphi,  basillica, Travel alert
Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

See, we didn't have selfie sticks during this trip to France, nor did we want to lug around a bulky tripod. Though a relatively new model, our camera didn't have the built-in selfie feature some models do today. And by the way, these were the days when we'd ask a kind stranger to snap us a photo when we wanted a family shot. You know what? I am glad I still stop people for one! How about you?  

Although there were many visitors, the surrounding area looked very calm, as it usually is over there. We wanted to capture the serene moment, so we looked around for the right person to take a photo for us (i.e., someone who wouldn't run away with our camera). It was at this point that Doc noticed a pair of eyes on us. A tall bloke, he was. As we climbed the stairs leading to the grand basilica, he kept on following behind us. He didn't have a camera, nor did he look like a tourist. He kept his hands in his pocket most of the time. When we took five steps, the bloke would also take five. When we took three, he matched with the same number. We pretended to rest midway to appreciate the view. He also stopped, but instead of admiring the view, his eyes were on us. Though he knew that we were aware of him trailing us, he didn't give a damn and continued to follow us up the stairs leading to the basilica. 

Inside the basilica, we quickly took a seat at the prayer bench. As the bloke walked past us, we could see his head turning around as he searched for us. Since it was crowded and a dimly lit, he lost sight of us and probably found another victim to spy on. 

I was lucky Doc spotted the watchful eyes in time—otherwise, we may have gotten pickpocketed or mugged that day. Although you may say this won't happen to you today with CCTVs around, trust me; the games played today are far more sophisticated.  

reachingdelphi,  basillica, Travel alert
Tried to get a photo together, alas...

What I Learnt

  • The stranger following was not the Prince Charming of a Daniel Steel novel. Wake up! It probably would not have the joyous ending you hoped for.
  • Again, be wary of strange characters around you, especially those who try to get close to you. Observe. 
  • Walk in crowds to avoid being singled out.
  • Stay in brightly lit areas, especially if you are alone. 
  • Avoid keeping all of your important items in a single place. This way, for instance, if a bag gets nabbed, some of your other important items won’t be lost along with it. 
  • Make copies of important documents. Email a copy of these to yourself/travel group for safe-keeping.
  • CCTV cameras don’t always work. It’s always good to be a self-guard.

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you

reachingdelphi,  basillica, france
Inside the bag is a caricature of us by a Picasso-like artist at his eyes.

Note: The original analog photographs had been scanned for this post.

Regardless of whether you are a business traveller or vacationer, a one-time or frequent traveller – if you travel, you are exposed to risks. It’s important to understand that some of us are easier targets than others.

This series is dedicated to Doc, SV, who constantly reminded me to 'Watch Out!. Doc was a sensible traveller, while I, quite the opposite. Through Watch Out! Travel Mishaps from Reaching Delphi Travellers Alert series, I will share some of our travel misadventures with you. My aim is to create an awareness of such incidents and some useful suggestions to reduce the occurrence of unpleasant events. 

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The Transformation of a Lifeless Terrace into the Gardens of Babylon

Travel in Close Quarters

In the recent lockdown months, eating at home was clearly the wiser choice for most, mainly to curb the spread of the coronavirus. But I have to admit my meal choices got a lot healthier too, and the fortnightly grocery shopping trip for cooking essentials was an opportunity to flex my rusty calves, even if just for a bit.

Gardens of Babylon, reaching delphi
Work In Progress ... the Gardens of Babylon

There was one problem with this arrangement, though. Me! My meal planning started when the greens begin to show signs of fall. That’s how I came up with a brilliant idea to try on a farmer’s hat and grow my own vegetables. This would be a start to an endless supply of handpicked, fresh capsicum, tomatoes, kale, and lettuce. Or so I thought …

Gardens of Babylon, reaching delphi
Becoming Gardens of Babylon 

Gardening was not new to me. I was 10 or 11 when I first handled a hedge shear and rake with a sun hat on. Looking back, perhaps the term “gardening” would be an exaggeration. Really, I was just trimming the overgrown fence. Was I paid? Yes, my first job was a handsomely paid one. My boss? My mom, of course. My mom’s passion is gardening, by the way. Honestly, I didn’t like gardening – it was a chore in the heat! But those few hours of roasting got me one monthly ais kacang treat (shaved ice dessert) and two Enid Blytons.

Transformation, Reaching Delphi
A potpourri of shots from Mom's patch

After a trip to Cameron Highlands and seeing acres of vegetable farms, I started imagining being a planter, stacking up plump cabbages amidst the morning fog to be sold at the local wet market for a considerable profit. My older sister would be the farm manager. I was eleven.

We moved to KL not too long after, far away from the highlands. My aunt, who lived a few miles away, had a beautiful garden of roses. I took one of her rose cuttings and planted it in ours. That cutting grew and would later produce the most beautiful and fragrant deep-pink blooms consistently for many decades. Sadly, that plant recently dried up and died. Luckily, I have pictures to remember it by. See how beautiful she is? I am in search of another beautiful rose plant again.

The lady stands elegantly

Eventually, over the years I outgrew any hope of owning a cabbage farm. However, looking at other people’s (family and friends) gardens, I could still deeply appreciate the joy flora brings to them. They have very beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. Below is a small collage I have put together of them.  

A peek view of gardens around the world

And so one day I woke up with a grand plan to transform my empty, lifeless balcony into a nurturing space ( a.k.a. a garden) just like theirs, but with a slightly different agenda – to stop eating almost rotten vegetables. 😊

Despite the travel restrictions, there was no stopping me from YouTubing into other people’s gardens for ideas. I Googled to see what I was getting myself into. [At this point I could hear Doc voice saying, “Here she goes again”]. I learned plenty of lessons and received advise from the internet and from family.  To begin, all I needed were a few pots and some good soil. I already had one massive pot in which I used to rear fish years ago. My friend, Angelina, recommended a bag of Baba’s soil that I could get easily. The idea of making fresh pasta sauce got stuck in my head while I continued with the after-office-hours research.

Pick wisely
Recognise any of these? 

Next, I needed seedling soil, fertilisers, and organic insect repellent. Online shopping, here I come!

Online Purchase
First purchase

If you, too, are considering putting your green thumb to the test, here are some beginner’s tips.

Be realistic

It’s important to grow what you enjoy watching flourish. I am hooked on the idea of vegetable planting so I can relive that eleven-year-old child’s fantasy. Will it work? I don’t know, but at least I have tried.

Speaking of being realistic, I just have a tiny balcony with a good amount of sunshine, so I must put this space to its best use.

seedling, reaching delphi
Cover me in sunshine

Know what grows well for your climate

I know for a fact that the apple tree inside my head won’t survive the tropical heat. I did a fair bit of research on what could be harvested successfully. The apple tree was not on the list! In the picture below, you can see what I have shortlisted.
flora, seedling
Hello, any apple tree here?

Plant what you enjoy looking at

I will mention this again. Plants bring out an immense amount of joy, peace, and happiness for a minimal cost. Select what you enjoy, and watch them grow. And, as crazy as it sounds, talk to your plants. They listen to your voice.
coffee, reaching delphi
Ready? Lets talk

Learn from fellow gardeners

I got overambitious and aimed to plant asparagus since they cost a lot of money at my local market. An exchange of texts with a fellow Redditor, however, proved this would not be the ideal thing to grow in my terrace. 

Did you know that the asparagus takes up to three years to harvest? Well, now you do.

Gardening gadgets

There are all sorts of inexpensive quick fixes available for our gardening needs at DIY stores, dollar shops, and online. I found some of these interesting and useful. I also came across few peculiar items but bought them anyway.

  • Sword, a.k.a. the bamboo support

Does this remind you of Yoda’s lightsaber? Well, it’s not something used ward off the evil forces of nature but is a bamboo stick to support drooping plants. You can also use strong twigs from trees as support if available.


Coffee, reaching delphi saver

  • Hair clips, a.k.a. plant clips

These are not the ordinary hair clips my nieces use to tie up their hair, but a very cool gadget to hold a plant’s stem to its (bamboo) support. Isn’t this a clever idea? Of course, the traditional way is to tie them together with a string or wire.

Coffee, Reaching Delphi
New toys

  • Racks

Check out the two racks I got. I had so much fun assembling them. But watch your fingers while you are at it, as you can easily scrape off the skin while tightening the screws like I did.

 Two-rack shelf

This looked light, but trust me, lifting it got my poor back aching for days.


I regard this tricycle rack as one of the best online purchases I have ever made. I was so happy just looking at it! This purchase also came with a free gift set that included a hand trowel, transplant trowel, and cultivator hand rake.

Tricycle, racks
Best online purchase ever - Tricycle

  • Watering can

A watering can is not the only way to water your plants with, but I found watering from a can very pleasurable (as I am sure it is for my plants!), so I don’t regret this purchase at all.

  • Automated water dispenser

There are days when I’m not home to water my plants. During these days, my automated dispensers will provide them the water they need. Dear Automated Dispensers, please keep my plants watered and alive till I am back.

  • Fence for creepers

Snow peas, cucumbers, and gourds are good climbers. If you want bountiful, healthy, and a tasty harvest, be sure to provide them suitable terrain to creep up. Look what I have for my creepers.

reachingdelphi, garden, plants

  • Starter Seeds

Frankly speaking, you don’t spend money on “magic” seeds unless it is absolutely needed. When I started, I haphazardly ordered various vegetable seeds. I was surprised to find there were only a few seeds inside these large packs, and survival is not 100% guaranteed. Other experienced gardening mates later told me that for tomato planting, even a slice of a very ripe tomato will do the trick,  which is what I used at the end. My mini garden today is cultivated from both store seeds and fresh scraps.
seedling, reachingdelphi
Who Am I?

  • Seedling containers

While you can get these relatively cheap at dollar shops, you could opt to save the environment by using paper-based egg trays and unused cups. I have.

reachingdelphi, recycle, reuse
reuse and recycle

  •  Planting Pots

It is essential to know the habitat required for your plants because, just like us, they will not grow as expected without the proper space. For example, tomatoes need deep pots, while snow peas will be happy in a shallow pan. So, order the right size.

It’s not always merrier with more

Just because plants don’t speak a human language, it doesn’t mean they should be dumped in a pot anyway we want. Respect the plants. Try not to overcrowd them into one pot. Just get another container if needed.


What I called a chore in the heat at eleven is today a pleasure and catharsis. Every morning I look out eagerly to see how many inches my crops have grown through the night. Some mornings, especially on weekends, I just sit on the floor next to my plants with my coffee. Some days I take a couple of photos, and an exchange of good morning texts with close ones starts. I don’t know if this gardening experience is a fad or something long term, but I am enjoying every moment of it right now. Being in the company of plants is therapeutic.

Therapeutic...time well spent

Special shoutout to all my fellow gardeners for all the valuable advice and for allowing me to share photos of your beautiful flora with the rest. Thank you!

For me, travel is about searching within myself, learning something new, exploring new cultures, and meeting people who will stay on in my mind. Thanks to the advances in technology, I can still do that from my living room (and balcony). I look at gardening as a sign of many more travels to come. Counting stars, Reaching Delphi … counting the days to my harvest and to more learning opportunities. Reaching Delphi is about travelling within your means.

reachingdelphi, coffee
Thank you for visiting my garden 😃

Watch Out and Check-in and Take Only Yours.

When a stranger offers you something… from the Watchout Travel Series

Imagine you are waiting in the queue to check in for your bus ride or flight, but the line is long and slow-moving. What do you do?

Me? I like to chat with the stranger next to me.

Fortunately for me, strangers respond to me about 80% of the time. Sometimes those conversations blossom into a continuing friendship, but most strangers simply become a pleasant companion during the hour-long wait.

Other conversations are not as rosy, though. Let me tell you why. I travel light because I want to be kind to my spine. Also, I don’t want to carry my entire house with me on a getaway. But before you read further, allow me to clarify that this article is not about how you should pack. I am sure you are way ahead of me when it comes to that. 😉

As a wannabe light traveller, here are few statements thrown at me when people notice I travel with just a few light items.

"Oh, ma'am, that's all you have? Did you know you can carry 20 kilos of items? This is a total waste, you know. Can you check-in these, too, for us at least?"

 "I have two carry-ons. You have none. Can you take one of mine, just until the gate?”

 "Can you do me an urgent favour and check in with us as part of my travel group? We can combine our weight distribution.”

 "Can I see your ticket? What is your seat number? Can I leave my carry-ons at your overhead compartment?"


reachingdelphi, coffee

Heck no. No, no, and NO! Carrying unknown possessions is a crime. 

Earlier, I mentioned I liked to travel light. Well, that's partially right. The truth is, I rarely shop on vacation trips, so my bags are relatively light, but I do enjoy picking up a couple of unique mementoes for close loved ones. Duty-free shops, you’ll see me again!
I recall browsing at a handicraft outlet in a South Asian airport once. As always, I mentally calculated how much I could spend that day. I had enough local currency to purchase a couple of small wood or marble handicrafts. A few other travellers in the store, like me, desperately searched for last-minute goodies to pick up. I could hear discussions among other customers in the background.

"Do you like any of those?” I hear, my thoughts interrupted. I dislike store operators who tailgate customers. I am sure you don't like that either. When I come across such rude store workers, I just stare at them until they get the message and walk away. On this occasion, I looked up, a little irritated at the voice that took my attention away from the bangles. To my surprise, the bloke wasn't a store worker but another traveller. 

"I haven't decided," I told him. We talked for a bit. He told me that he would be stopping over in several other cities, including my home city, Kuala Lumpur. As a kind fellow traveller and to display the Malaysian hospitality, I was friendly but cautious. I learnt that his name was Avyaan (real name is changed for this post), that he lived in Mauritius, and that he was on the same flight as me.

"What do you think of these?" Avyaan, a middle-aged man, pointed at several wooden sculptures of half-clothed women. "I want to get one of these for my wife.”

Offensive, I thought and definitely not something I would purchase for anyone or ask a stranger for opinion on. I just shrugged in response.

"I have to finish off these." Avyaan showed me a stack of foreign currency that was way more than what I would walk around within my pockets. He had a lot of money, and I was pretty sure he wouldn't be travelling by coach with that much in hand. 

 "I hope she likes the gift," I replied indifferently.

reachingdelphi, shopping, coffee

After picking up and paying for a couple of small souvenirs myself, I was relieved to leave the store and Avyaan behind.

I found a comfortable seat next to the window at the boarding gate, sipped my coffee, and was happy to get on with The Orient Express, which was getting more exciting by the page. However, I was still feeling queasy about the person I had just exchanged some details with. But I wasn't in any position to be a Hercule Poirot, so I let the thoughts pass.

reachingdelphi, coffee

So far, this sounds harmless, right? But hold on, it gets more interesting. As I was boarding the flight, someone taps my shoulder.

"I was hoping to see you," Avyaan said. "Here, for you." He handed me a foot-sized, paper-wrapped object.

"Hey, dude. I don't want this." I declined the gift, but he walked away.

The aircraft's doors closed, and soon we took off. I didn't see Avyaan for the rest of the trip, but I was shaken, and I kept imagining the worst. What if there were drugs inside or smuggled diamonds? I didn't have the courage to open the parcel.

Carrying unknown items, drugs, or any smuggled items for anyone is a serious offence, and the traveller doing so can be jailed. Though I was much younger when this incident happened, I was well aware of these criminal offences. Usually, young girls travelling alone become prey of organised syndicates looking to transfer illegal items. In recent years, I’ve read of horrifying incidents where several criminal organizations offered luxurious travel opportunities to new recruits who very trustingly carried unknown things on their behalf and were detained by customs during inspection.

When I got off the flight, I saw Avyaan, thanked him for the gift, but told him firmly that I wouldn't accept the gift and chucked it back to him. He was disappointed and insisted he needed to talk to me the next day.

In all fairness, this passenger who offered me the gift could have been genuine, but I did the right thing. I chose to decline.
reachingdelphi, coffee

What I Learnt
  • Do not accept any gifts from strangers or offer to travel with anything you have not inspected yourself. This applies to both checked and carry-on items.
  • Your first instinct during contact should indicate when something is fishy. Be prepared to walk away, ask for help, or report suspicious behaviour.
  • Do not compromise your family's safety by giving away any personal contact information or social media links containing private information to strangers. You never know when you might be giving access to a stalker.
  • You have the right to refuse to carry something on behalf of someone else. So don't feel guilty for exercising this right.
  • Opt for online check-in whenever possible. It’s quick, safe and gives you no reason to check-in some random strangers items.

Note: The photographs posted in this post are not from this trip.

Regardless of whether you are a business traveller or vacationer, a one-time or frequent traveller – if you travel, you are exposed to risks. It’s important to understand that some of us are easier targets than others.

This series is dedicated to Doc, SV, who constantly reminded me to 'Watch Out!. Doc was a sensible traveller, while I, quite the opposite. Through Watch Out! Travel Mishaps from Reaching Delphi Travellers Alert series, I will share some of our travel misadventures with you. My aim is to create an awareness of such incidents and some useful suggestions to reduce the occurrence of unpleasant events. 

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When It Sounds Too Good to Be True, Check Again

 How I Met My Treadmill (WatchOut! Travel Series)

The current pandemic needs no further introduction. Here in Malaysia, strict movement control operations (MCO) are once again being enforced due to the rising numbers in COVID-19 cases. I am sure you have experienced similar movement control enforcement as well. As responsible citizens, we know it is our moral and social responsibility to stop the spread of the virus, but it also is natural for people to feel agitated, depressed, frustrated, and angry when locked indoors for extended periods. Having said this, these pandemic lockdowns are not the same as being caged up. People are still allowed out to tend to their essentials under guidelines set.

As a travel blogger, I am lost without my travel pill. So, I decided to kick it up a notch and do something different. This has allowed me to continue travelling despite the obstacles and travel bans imposed. Over the last year and a half, if you hadn't realised, I have taken you with me on trips to India, Thailand, Spain, Greece, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Malaysia. I quenched my travel thirst by time and mind travelling to various famous cities through the ReachingDelphi’s WatchOut! series. 

ReachingDelphi, Treadmill, Travel, coffee
Virtual & mind travel with ReachingDelphi

And boy, weren’t some of those experiences important eye-openers?

On days when my travel prescription can't be filled, Mr Telly (who, by the way, is one of my best and most loyal friends) comes to the rescue by taking me on expeditions that don’t require me to double-mask or constantly worry about my essentials being misplaced or nicked. But still, as an outdoor person now tied down due to the pandemic and work commitments, I miss gazing at the blue skies and taking long walks.

ReachingDephi, MCO, Coffee
Preparing for a skype chat during MCO 3.0

Then one day, I thought to myself, Why not do all these at my own convenience? Oh, blimey! Get your dose of daily exercise, gaze at blue skies, and watch travel shows simultaneously. Now, why didn’t I think of that earlier? So, I got hooked on the idea of getting a treadmill. Lucky for me, there was already an online mega sale that was going on. Boy oh boy, treadmills were getting sold as fast as hot buns.


Inner Uma: Uh oh, there she goes again

Doc’s voice: If it’s too good to be true, it ain't true.

Outer Uma: I hear you, I hear you.

I disapprove of the idea of having to download every app under the sun. Still, I went ahead and downloaded several online shopping apps onto my mobile device just to enjoy the additional discounts offered only to mobile users. 😉


Outer Uma: What’s going on?

Inner Uma: The treadmills seem to be selling fast. Good buys, I’d say.

Inner Uma: Look, this says 70% off the original price, and it comes with a free shipping deal for first-time customers.

Outer Uma: It has over 3,000 positive reviews and a 4.9 (out of 5) customer rating. And the other one has over 1,000 positive reviews.  

Inner Uma: Buy!

Outer Uma: Let's read more reviews.

Doc’s voice: If it’s too good to be true, it ain’t true.

Outer Uma: Hush.

Inner Uma: Duh!

I listed out the models which fit into my budget and read the reviews diligently well into wee hours. Finally, I was pleased with my shortlist. I had previously owned another machine, so I was well aware of the reliable players in the market. Besides, I had to prove to Doc that I had this under control. So, I gave the idea a breather.

Over the next few weeks sitting on my sofa, I watched Tokyo blooms, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Yangtze Riverbank pass by me. Soon Federer and Nadal would be in action in Roland Garros and Wimbledon. I was once again depressed. I need that treadmill, I told myself.

So, I logged in to the online shopping portal once again. More discounts. More offers. An encouraging welcome. But to my dismay, the models I had shortlisted earlier were all snapped up, and I was left with less-known, cheap models that also had raving reviews.


Doc’s voice: If it is too good to be true, it ain’t true.

Outer Uma: I heard you. I am thinking.

Doc’s voice: Don’t think. It will hurt you too much.

Outer Uma: Cut it with the sarcasm.

Doc’s voice: Fine, do what you want.

Inner and Outer Uma: Thank you!

The seller I selected had a reputation of being quick and delivered only good products. Plus, the treadmill would be easy to assemble. Well, at least that’s what the 1,000+ reviews mentioned.

The shipment arrived as quick as promised. And, holy shit, it was huge. There was no door-to-door delivery during the lockdown period. I felt a twinge in my back just looking at it in the lobby. With the help of a neighbour, I got it up to my unit.

My bad. I tend to procrastinate. That explains why this article has been in draft mode for a few weeks. And that also explains why the package was left unboxed until the weekend after.  


ReachingDelphi, Treadmill
Unboxing Day

Outer Uma: Oh, that’s so easy to assemble.

Inner Uma: Go, girl!

Outer Uma: Hey, the display panel doesn’t fit where it’s supposed to. But I can live with that. Let’s try running the machine.

Inner Uma: Oh, shit! The pin in the AC power cord is broken! It doesn’t go into the three-pin socket.

Doc’s voice (pointing his finger at me): I told you so.

ReachingDelphi, Treadmill
Faulty Display Panel

I got in touch with the supplier. They asked me if I read and followed the instructions. Hello! There is no instruction on your manual on how to fix a broken AC power plug. If there is supposed to be, you better get your product QC in check.

treadmill, review
Broken plug

I waited for a week, and there was still no response to the complaint I made. Alas, I decided to leave a product review on the online shopping website and the supporting evidence for other potential buyers to take note of.

Out of curiosity, I revisited the website several weeks later. To my surprise, the supplier had responded to my review by saying that the issue was resolved, that the adapter was fixed, and that I was happy with the product. 😒

But, the white elephant in my living room was still staring at me. I was infuriated, not about the darn unusable machine occupying my space or the money I had lost, but for their deceptive online response. How many more had they cheated?

I reported the incident to the online shopping portal that hosted this supplier. It certainly grabbed everyone’s attention. My phone was busier than the president’s. The seller, his supplier, and the online portal were all eager to fix the issue for me. The supplier even offered to replace and personally install a new one. But I was no longer keen. I only wanted two things. First, for them to take the faulty machine away. Second, for them to remove their misleading feedback so that other customers do not fall prey to their service or products.

Weeks later, I received my refund, which I later used as a down payment for a more reliable treadmill. So, I am now walking down the streets of Florence with Stanley Tucci in my Aulora fitness pants**.  


ReachingDelphi, Treadmill
Get Fit Alora Pants & My Treadmill

Sadly though, the seller's false feedback is still not removed from the online shopping portal.

A wise man told me many times, if it’s too good to be true, it ain’t true. I heard you, Doc, so stop smirking, will you!


What I learnt:

  • Inner Uma and Outer Uma sometimes forget that they are meant to be my yin and yang. When they do get confused, it is wise to seek a third party’s opinion before making important decisions.
  • Very few things are free in life. Even the air we breathe comes with an environmental cost. So, always question when something sounds too good to be true. Anything deemed as good should be evaluated based on facts and evidence.
  • Shop wisely, opting for reliable products. Remember, cheap is not necessarily bad, and expensive is not necessarily great, and vice versa. Have your eyes and ears open.
  • Always leave an honest product review. Allow others to make their own decisions based on what they feel – good or otherwise.
  • Keep only the apps you need on your mobile or tablets.
  • Unbox right away. Don’t look for an auspicious day and hour to do this. Refunds for online purchases are only valid for a limited time.
  • Record everything. Sadly, we have gotten into a situation where we needed to record the unboxing event to show as evidence of defect on delivery.


**AULORA KODENSHI® PANTs are all-day wear pants which offers many health benefits, including improved blood circulation, improved sleep quality and weight loss for slimming. Write to me to know more or  Click here to purchase. 

Regardless of whether you are a business traveller or vacationer, a one-time or frequent traveller – if you travel, you are exposed to risks. It’s important to understand that some of us are easier targets than others.

This series is dedicated to Doc, SV, who constantly reminded me to 'Watch Out!. Doc was a sensible traveller, while I, quite the opposite. Through Watch Out! Travel Mishaps from Reaching Delphi Travellers Alert series, I will share some of our travel misadventures with you. My aim is to create an awareness of such incidents and some useful suggestions to reduce the occurrence of unpleasant events. These articles are not meant to shame any parties but to caution the traveller and consumer. 

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