Get your Mississippi.

Someones at my desk!

As Forrest Gump's momma said, Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.  That’s true, you'd never really know. Take for example earlier this week, the barista at Starbucks decided that my colleague would be known as Peter for the day and I got to be his sister Petra.  That was a hilarious start but it sure made the day sunny.  In reality, we have many of those unknown chocolates. 

We are all sailors at some point, facing mixed weather conditions en route to the destination. While sunny days don’t erase away the threatening waves, we welcome them simply because they bring some form of comfort and clarity giving us that little push to cover a bit more distance. It’s nice to be that sunshine and to have some of that warmth around us. 

The sea had been calmer over the last two weeks, the sails finally out. Signed-off! Some would say its routine, but only those on board know the depth and dangers of that voyage. The next mission is to be on auto-cruise, and then it would be finally accomplished.

Rivers are closely knit to the seas, so allow me to introduce to you a coffee I am very fond of: the Mississippi. This is a freshly brewed German coffee from an in-house coffee machine, and when you have this in Germany, it fulfills the local coffee criteria. You cannot get anymore original than with the Mississippi. I call this coffee so because that's the name of the building where the coffee machine is located. There are two machines doing a fantastic job, but for simplicity, I will just stick to one coffee name for both.
Oh Sweet Mississippi.
The Mississippi blend is available in a few varieties of preparation, namely cappuccino, latte and espresso. Its fragrant aroma is so inviting especially in the early hours of the day that even anti-caffeine demonstrators would surrender willingly.  The coffee however is only available at the 3rd floor Express building in Bonn. So I am sorry demonstrators, it’s a tough call, no fee is going to get you one, unless you join us. And there are always ways to get around. ;)

Though, technically, the coffee can be served on any mug, its perfection is enhanced when served on the sunny yellow mugs belonging to the organisation, as shown in the picture. Try a sip, it’s guaranteed to make cold days warm. You must have noticed, my premium coffee grading standards are pretty high, but the Mississippi has earned a perfect-7. This weeks coffee journal entry is for all the teams whom I worked with and the friends we made across the globe, in Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and the US en route to GECO.  When we meet, I will buy you a similar coffee, scouts honor! 

To the bubbly barista at Starbucks who served us that morning,the Aiman-like baristas and coffee machines around the world, thank you for being that sunshine, keep doing what you do. Through these cups of coffees, you cheer us up, making our days a little easier to get by....and for me to count those stars.

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