What's Your Perfect Omelette?

Is there such a thing called a "Perfect" Omelette? 

reaching delphi  coffee
Hearty brunch and some good old fashioned coffee.

The place was in India. We were travelling on a night train between Hyderabad and Bangalore.

When the train arrived at a main junction, a man walked onto the platform with his portable kitchen. He was carrying just a handful of items – a small gas stove, a pan, eggs, oil, chopped onions, chilli, salt, pepper, bread and a couple of newspapers to wrap the cooked eggs on warmed bread. 

coffee, cricket
Cricket, coffee...perfect!

We watched his thin fingers light the stove, and crack an egg, then another. A line quickly formed, as the smell of freshly cooked eggs lingered in the sleepy platform. He was quick and skilful, but we were still not convinced. With five minutes left before the whistle, SV hurried off the train to place an order.

Scenic view along the way.

The man at the stall knew his customers weren't as quick as Shah Rukh Khan to run after a moving train. So, with an eye on the platform clock, his hands raced to beat the second's hand. Steadily and consistently, he added the same ingredients for each order. The line got shorter as some walked away with a hot wrapped paper in their hand. We got ours too, and SV was safe back on the train. The whistle sounded! Kaapi... kaapi... that familiar sound of coffee. 

coffee travel
Hop on, get your coffee on board.

Now, this omelette seller – that day. Well that's who I’d call a real pro in action. We had tried numerous times to make that same no fuss, no frills eggs - but they just never turned out as good as the one I had at that station. The skill he had – now, that's what you call perfection. 

Train Junction
Hurry up lad, we don't have all day.

Here is one of my very own preparation to celebrate that nice man at the platform, after all, ReachingDelphi is simply about celebrating every sunrise, sunset, journey and face we meet along the way. Counting stars.....Reaching Delphi.

Coffee, Reachingdelphi
Yum yum, the omelette that turned out to be a scramble.

I didn’t take any photos of the omelette expert that day, so have posted photos from other similar trips and occasions for this article instead.

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