Vitamin Doppelespresso, Keep the Spin On.

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my perfect-7, the Mississippi. Since some days I am a chattier than others and today is one of them, my blog takes us back to last year, to Deutschland where there are so many more places, people and of course great coffee to talk about and this, trust me, is going to take me forever to get to the finish line.

Laundry and hotels. These were two interesting experiences that got me a little anxious when I was in Bonn.

Now, a nice city like Bonn has plenty of hotels, but these were fully reserved even before my trip had been decided due to events that were going on there and in the nearby cities. So I couldnt secure a reservation at the same hotel for entire trip. I am normally game for a nomadic adventure, but after the 3rd checkin-unpack-pack-checkout in the same city, the moving got less exciting than it was in the beginning. My colleague Miro who on the other hand arrived without a reservation had an interesting NYPD-like encounter at the hotel where he stayed. His comical illustration of those events will forever be one of our dinner time conversations. Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong! I am still amused. If nothing else was available, as Libor suggested, there is always a place in Königswinter. Now theres a charm! Definitely a good choice and at the end all worked out well, all survived! All had a roof and the city went about doing just great to host those events.

Taking in the Godesburg
Laundry needs brought me to a neighbourhood called Bad Godesberg, the municipal district of Bonn. Here is a bit of history i googled up on: Up until 1999, while Bonn was the capital of West Germany, foreign embassies were located in Bad Godesberg. Today some of these buildings are still used as consulates or embassy branch offices. This neighbourhood, just like the rest of Bonn is a squeaky clean, green and warm. My first visit here was on the hotel staffs recommendation when I enquired about coin-operated laundry facilities. So after work, 'got on the train, got off at Bad Godesberg station. Once there, a short flight of steps up and I am in another delightful and important landmark. I was welcomed by a nice row of inviting outlets. The laundry, the reason for this trip, though not a coin-operated one was closed.  This could only mean one thing, I’d be back again and again and yet again – not only for laundry but also for the leisurely walk up to Godesburg (castle on the hill),  weekend lunch, weeknight dinner and to visit the weekend morning market.  I even convinced my sister who visited me for a few days from the US to explore this little municipal and she came back with loads of magnificent photo shots and a good selection of not-so-easy-to-get fruits back in Malaysia, both left me awed.

Wake me, shake me!

I found a couple of exquisite yet not-so-expensive restaurants and boutique cafes in this neighborhood, one of which served the best ever almond croissants. The coffee here was also satisfying. My order for that morning was a fine black one with warm milk. Truly a local flavor! Just as the brightly lit cafe, their staff wore brightly lit smiles as they served everyone. The coffee was a little stronger than what I normally would have liked to have, but that’s me. The snow-flaked croissant, mama mia! The best ever on the planet. Together, both the coffee and croissant complimented the perfect sunny day outside. The picture here shows only a glimpse of the croissant on the right.

The wake-me-up coffee is as important as a calm-me-down beer in Germany and here in Bonn is where I got into the habit of reinforcing an afternoon coffee in my routine, all over again. The best part of this is after that cuppa I could still sleep at night!  Most of Germany has an amazing coffee selection but I like the traditional hot cappuccino the best, it’s worked out pretty consistent in taste mostly.  We, or at least the GECO team, didn’t have to go too far in search of one in the afternoons, Nona was our key to the daily crucial question: - Meet you at Nonas?

Justus, Christian, Saby :  Models-trees-sun
and perfect! 
We don’t know where Nona is today. It’s however confirmed that she hasn’t magically turned herself into a hedgehog, therefore she is not hibernating in the cold. But she is indeed perfecting the game of hide-and-seek and since we haven't found her yet, we miss her coffee. Well, on second thoughts maybe, just maybe,  she is taking a break and hibernating from Team-GECO’s he-man-coffee requests. So until we get the perfect team photo with her, some of my team mates have agreed to be the models to show you how a coffee truck looks and a glimpse into their mid-day routine. As for Nona, come back and brew ‘em the best ever and express some over to the rest of the team who are offsite. Saby says his coffee needs to be E-ticketed ones these days, for which Nona would very easily add a couple extra shots of Espresso into the mix. For those who are wondering, Nona is the cheerful coffee truck owner at the DHL head office site in Bonn who knows every ones coffee preference.

And tomorrow is another work day. No break for now, but that's not going to stop us from counting those stars to reach Delphi. See you next week in Munich.


  1. Doppelespresso (Double Espresso) at Nona :)

    Her husband runs the show these days. She is on maternity leave. The coffee doesn't taste the same without her.

  2. Yes, you did mention, we wish her and her baby well. Doppelespresso......nice, more appropriate title .... i can smell that from here