Perfection in Chaos

Breaking rules and grinding coffee beans
Though in theory there is a coffee cutoff time but how can one refuse freshly grounded coffee, especially when it’s done the traditional way. I just had to take up Fujiko’s kind offer, even if it was after sunset. The aroma from that antique coffee grinder caught my nose buds and pocket-Samsung’s attention. That’s coffee paradise from a distance.

Around Nagoya Port and Coffee there
We decided to use Airbnb in Nagoya to be close to our friends Hiroko and Shogo San. Fujiko and her husband Noboyu had a listing available; pictures looked great, loved them and so we booked it. Perfectly affordable decision for the trip, and so we thought. This would have been a great stay if you are visiting Nagoya downtown, but our intention was to be close to Hiroko’s and Shogo’s home which was a two hour car ride into another district. Another life-survival lesson - check the map and again, check that map. After a delicious and colourful Japanese-fusion breakfast, Arigatoes and Sayonaras, we headed to Hiroko and Shogo’s who were waiting for us promptly.

Recurring pollen allergies, viral and hay-fever changed our 2 nights stay plan in Nagoya to three, and this gave me the opportunity to sight endless rows of pink and white sakura blooms, go on strolls in the park with Hiroko while she explained to me about the neighbourhood, Toyota and its facilities for the employees. More importantly, we spent valuable time together with our friends, priceless.

Pretty half blooms in Nagoya
And yes, I am impressed, for the level of detail, pride, respect  and perfection this country and community showcases in almost every aspect of live and in their daily activities – starting from the basics to keeping their rivers, streets and homes clean, the public transport efficiency, discipline in queueing and waiting for turn and of course, what is life without coffee.  I was amazed, at the number of coffee outlets and their appreciation for coffee. Drip coffee is popular here.  Little did I know that our hosts too regularly enjoy a good cup of coffee in addition to Japanese cars, art and baseball. They took us to a zen of a coffee place. I will talk about that next week. I promise. 

Till then, perhaps it’s time to dream about a change – from Proton to Toyota and maybe something beyond, the coming weeks will tell - should the sail head east or west or stay put. Well why not, those stars are talking. 

With this entry and on Tamil new years day, my blog site is now open for all readers. Thank you for your support, encouragement and 'reading me' - you keep me inspired :).

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