Run Back to You Over & Over

Poori’s, family, friends and Bryan Adams. Coffee, lots of it.  What more could I ask for?  It was a fabulous concert. One that I wouldn’t have missed in a lifetime. Give me a chance,  I would run back to you for more. 

Go Get 'em!

It was a nice end to an ordinary week where extraordinary things made their way through.   A roller coaster, but that’s not new.  I had been awake some weeknights counting hours instead of the stars. Yet, this time it was not because I had over-shot the coffee limit. During the ride this week, one of the conversations struck me dearly when a friend and teammate told me ‘It’s okay, you tried your best, don’t feel bad’. Indeed, I had tried my best and so did all the rest.

Its all in the mix.

Have I mentioned before about the self-imposed two-year ban on coffee?  That is so true. The smell of coffee during the prohibition was so teasing and intoxicating. But my good college mates helped ooze me away from the temptation to have a sip each time. And the paracetamols, boy did I pop up so many back then. Caffeine withdrawal Syndrome, they called it — a bitter lesson my friends. Life is short; if you like coffee (or tea), drink it. But, don’t overdo it; anything in moderation is not harmful. 
This week will lead us into the 2nd week of the Australian Open. This reminds me that if I want to have a decent warm-up game with my friend Libor someday, I have to call the coach to-the-rescue soon. Coach is not going to be happy. I had been skipping sessions for a while and barely made it through the last endurance test. 

Preparation time.

I became an instant BA fan the day I heard Please Forgive Me in 1993 together with Under-Pressure(from the Queens). The two played a small role in helping my close university mates and I scramble out of bed. Giving us the push we needed to get ourselves into the cold and attend classes on time.  When my assignments were almost turned in late, I used a good amount of effort aiming to offer these two songs in return. The negotiation didn’t come through, the voice went silent and guilt over-ruled. I had no choice but to be on time. Coincidental winner!

The Summer of ’69 is a catchy tune, and it got everyone in Stadium Malawati electrified and on their feet. January 21st 2017 will always be a sweet reminder that I'd been there too, charged up, on my feet, as I beam and tick off one more item from the list. 

Have great week friends. :)

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